Doggie Do's and Don'ts (for their Human Best Friends)

Clean and well-behaved dog(s) are welcome to join you on your holiday. We are not keen on lots of rules/regulations, because we realise that dogs are very much part of people’s families, and they are on holiday too.

However, since Ridgeway Cottage is very much part of our family, we just ask for your courtesy in looking after the property and respecting that some guests will be visiting without dogs.

Consequently, we have tried to state our ‘House Rules for Dogs’ as clearly as possible, so you can decide if Ridgeway Cottage is right for you and your dog(s):

The Rules

1. Dogs are strictly not allowed upstairs. If you want your dog to sleep in the same bedroom as you, please use the downstairs bedroom. Also, whilst you are in the cottage, please use the stair gate provided and keep it closed at the bottom of the stairs (to prevent your dog(s) from accidentally going upstairs).

2. Dogs are strictly not allowed on any of the beds (even with doggie covers/blankets used). If you want your dog(s) to sleep in the downstairs bedroom with you, please ensure that they sleep on the floor, and ensure that you bring your own doggie bedding.

3. If you like your dog(s) to curl up with you on the lounge sofas, please ensure that you bring your own doggie bedding/throws and be sure that no dog hairs are left upon your departure, being thoughtful that the next guests may not have dogs.

4. Never leave your dog(s) unsupervised or alone in the property (inside the cottage or within the enclosed garden) for any period, unless you are absolutely confident that your dog(s) will be calm, settled and quiet in an unfamiliar place. It’s not fair on your dog(s) (if they may feel to be traumatised); us (if the dogs cause damage); or the neighbours (if the dogs make noise).

5. Your dog(s) must be clean before entering the cottage. If they are wet and muddy, please come into the cottage using the garage door and keep the dog(s) in the garage area until they are clean and dry. We do not provide any towels/clothes for dogs, so please ensure that you bring the necessary things with you.

6. Feel free to wash any doggie blankets/throws in the washing machine, but please ensure that you put all items within the ‘Petwear Wash Bag’ provided (to prevent dog hairs in the washing machine). Do not remove the Wash Bag from the cottage.

7. Please clean up after your dog(s) (inside the cottage and around the garden). Please bag and bin all ‘doggie mess’, as other guests may not be visiting with dogs and often have children.

8. Please ensure that you bring the necessary bags/things with you.

9. Please be careful that your dog(s) (especially common with female dogs) do not cause damage to the garden when urinating.

10. Please feed dogs only in the garage or kitchen area and ensure that any mess is properly cleaned up. We provide one double-bowled feeding bowl, but please ensure that you bring the any other necessary things with you.

11. The garden of the cottage is enclosed by a fence, however, we cannot guarantee that the garden is 100% ‘secure’ for your dog, so please do not leave your dog alone in the garden. Please be mindful there are sheep in the field next to the cottage.

12. You must ensure that your dog(s) is/are free from parasites/fleas before occupying the cottage.

What we provide for your dog:

  • Double-bowled bowl.
  • Petware Wash Bag.
  • Garage tap (for water/washing).

What you need to bring for your dog:

  • Bedding/blankets and throws (for sofas).
  • Towels/cloths.
  • Disposable ‘doggie mess’ bags.
  • Food/treats and toys.
  • Dog leads.
  • Dog transportation kennels/crates.

Cleanliness and Damage:
Your booking at Ridgeway Cottage is accepted based on you agreeing to comply with our ‘Payment Terms and Condition’, including our strict ‘House Rules for Dogs’. Upon your departure from Ridgeway Cottage, if your dog has caused any damage whatsoever, or results in any additional cleaning time/effort, we will deduct an appropriate amount from your Security Deposit. This charge will be to ensure that we reinstate the cottage/garden to its original condition before you and your dog(s) arrived.

We apologise if this sounds strong towards your 4-legged friends but we pride ourselves on the quality and cleanliness of the property, and have extremely high cleaning standards, so that all guests (with or without dogs) can equally enjoy staying in Ridgeway Cottage.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation.

Adrian and Rachel Gilbert | |